Monday, September 2, 2013

Lugo -Abolition -For my Syrian Family CD'S AUDIO/Abolition/Abolition.mp3


If it isn’t right fix it 
Don’t do it resist it

Now what is the world coming to 
Nobody suffering like you 
Ain’t nobody suffering like you do
You wanna be emancipated free to be what you wanna be
And there’s nothing better than that

If it ain’t right fix it 
Don’t do it resist it

Throw yo hands in the air if you wannna 
Never sell your soul not for one Yankee dollar
You’ll be doing it like you never thought of
When you’re coming down yeah you know you’re a part of
The human race never a disgrace
You be kicking flavor when you kicking with that bass
And you know that you get started when you get a part of

If you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for anything
If you wanna get up and you wanna wanna bring
Your people a little more satisfaction 
You got to get up and take some action
Don’t sit down now don’t lay down now 
Don’t relax and don’t recline now
Get yourself up; get yourself up get yourself up now


Get your hands up yeah!